We will make you look good!


Ensure you come across well on camera, whilst communicating your desired message. Learn how to be confident and in control during media appearances – for TV and SKYPE interviews, profile videos or in front of large groups. Understand how to handle stage fright, be in control and successfully navigate any interview, stand up or sound bite.

Avoid mistakes and blackouts and get your message out with clarity, ease whilst staying on point!


Tell your story! Gain a powerful and memorable brand, new customers and increased sales.
Create a powerful story showcasing you, your company and/or your products.

By using quality and experienced video professionals, the most up to date high definition cameras, powerful and skilled editing software, the results will blow your competitors away.



Kim works with the best in the industry, bar none. Over twenty years experience cooperating with the brightest and best means Kim knows the right producers, camera crews, editors and creatives. What does this mean to you? You will get outstanding quality, regardless of your needs.

Our intelligence network is accessible to our clients wherever needed. We have personal representation in international media hubs such as The Hamptons, New York City, London, Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.

Our training and videos are being offered and produced in either English or German.


kimlenar.de is Kim Lenar – an experienced Video Producer and Media Coach. She is highly skilled at taking any idea, and producing a high quality end product.


Kim Lenar is a proven reporter, film/documentary producer and media coach. Her experience spans over 20 years, during which Kim has:

  • Filmed and produced numerous TV shows, documentaries, and coached countless executives to handle the media successfully.
  • Trained numerous print and online reporters, entrepreneurs and business owners for On Air appearances, in Mobile Reporting and in how to integrate video into editorial workflows
  • Worked as a reporter and chief editor for Germany’s leading commercial TV station RTL. Her work included interviews with international celebrities, launching new TV programs like “Prominent” and restructuring of teams for improvement of work processes
  • Editor-in-chief for Europe’s leading newspaper BILD. Her role included running the news department and help building an online video department for bild.de